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Domain phishing is one of the most prevalent forms of cybercrime. It is easy to craft a domain name and an associated service appearance sufficiently faithful to the original to deceive enough victims to make the process worthwhile. Our collective response has been to maintain ‘blacklists’ or lists of those domains whose only purpose is to perform phishing attacks. DNS resolvers that subscribe to such blacklists would deliberately fail to resolve such names, limiting the effectiveness of the phishing campaign. 

However, maintaining such blacklists is intensive in terms of human input. They lag reality because they are reactive, not predictive, and they are literal as they block individual names, not generic types of names. Can we improve on this approach? Can we use heuristics to assess the probability that a domain name is a phishing name either through its similarity in the DNS label display string to known authentic domain names, or by similarity in website appearance to known web domains? 

The likely answer is yes, but no. In the same way that mail spammers quickly adapted their spamming behaviour to try and get around the commonly applied spam heuristics in mail handlers, phishers would likely follow a similar path and adapt their behaviour to create phishing domains that would circumvent the current heuristics. It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to do this, and I think that this is promising work, but we do need to be realistic about our expectations that may result from this work. 

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