1. minimal-responses

If set to yes, then when generating responses the server will only add records to the authority and additional data sections when they are required (e.g. delegations, negative responses).

When set to no-auth, the server will omit records from the authority section unless they are required, but it may still add records to the additional section.

When set to no-auth-recursive, this is only done if the query is recursive. When the query is not recursive, the effect is same as if no was specified.

These settings are useful when answering stub clients, which usually ignore the authority section.

no-auth-recursive is designed for mixed-mode servers which handle both authoritative and recursive queries.

The default is no-auth-recursive.

[結局のところ、not recursiveなauthoritative serverの動作はnoのままということです。] -- ToshinoriMaeno 2018-03-17 11:26:18

2. glue-cache

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