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awsdns hosted zone risk

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There are several risks associated with hosting a domain's DNS on AWS. 

1. Security: DNS is a critical component of any network, and hosting it on AWS means that 
it is exposed to potential threats. AWS provides robust security features, but they are not foolproof.

2. Reliability: AWS is a reliable platform, but if there is an outage or a problem with the service, 
it could cause significant disruption to the domain's DNS.

3. Cost: Hosting a domain's DNS on AWS can be expensive, especially if the domain has many records and requires a large amount of storage.

4. Complexity: Managing a domain's DNS on AWS can be complex and time consuming, 
especially for those new to the platform.

5. Vendor Lock-in: Hosting a domain's DNS on AWS means that 
the domain is locked into the AWS platform and may be difficult to move away from in the future.

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