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How Does a Domain Get Hijacked

Below, we’ll explain the most common ways hackers are able to steal a domain:

    Brute force: If you’re using common usernames and passwords, hackers may be able to guess it easily. They program bots to make hundreds of guesses every minute. This is called a brute force attack where they simply guess your login details, gain access to the control panel, and change the domain ownership details. Another way they can get your hands on your credentials is by buying leaked or stolen data on the black market.

    Malware: Hackers may attack your computer or website to infect your database, browser, system, or server. Depending on the kind of malware they use, they could obtain unauthorized access to your domain.

    Phishing: Attackers send fake emails to trick you or your team into giving them your DNS (Domain Name System) details and login credentials.

   Vulnerabilities: There are rare circumstances where the domain registrar itself could face a vulnerability in their platform. If hackers know this exists, they could take advantage to gain access to multiple user accounts.

What Happens If My Domain Gets Stolen?

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