Domain management

Points of contact

Keeping point of contact (POC) information from going stale ensures that only the appropriate people can make changes to your domain. It also makes it possible for DotGov to reach your organization when there’s an issue.

Will I be notified if a change is made to my DNS information?

Yes. In response to recent incidents affecting other top-level domains, authorized .gov domain POCs will now receive a system-generated email when a change is made to their DNS in the DotGov Registrar.

The email will alert the POCs that a change was made to their DNS information and include instructions for mitigation should it be necessary.

How quickly will changes to my domain propagate throughout the internet? Anchor link for: how quickly will changes to my domain propagate throughout the internet

Propagation depends on a variety of factors, such as caching and connectivity, but changes are usually effective within 24 hours.

If you’re planning to make critical changes to your name servers over the weekend, please contact us before 5 p.m. on the prior Thursday to ensure the information propagates during weekend hours.