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DNS hijacking 

The other form of DNS attack is (rather than attempt to resemble a known site) to literally hijack the site through redelegation. 

Such control allows the attack to obtain new certificates using the attacker’s keys and then assume complete control for the duration of the attack. The Sea Turtle campaign has been somewhat of a catalyst in this area. It has prompted several groups involved in security research to publish details of the attacks, as well as recommendations for defences, and warnings that this incident could be a forerunner of new and increasingly serious DNS-focused attacks.

Can the identification process of a hostile domain hijack be automated? 
Using analysis of passive DNS data sets such as Farsight’s passive DNS database searching for reported hijacked domains, the answer looks promising. Attackers don’t appear to use a very sophisticated cloaking approach to the hijack, and they tend to reuse the same IP addresses and domain names to identify the hijack DNS and web servers. There are also patterns of the redelegation that can be used to guide heuristic algorithms that can use the DNS to look for redelegations that could be associated with a hijack effort. 

As with phishing defences, it’s likely that the defensive efforts will inform future attackers and future attack patterns, but the ultimate aim is often. As the saying goes you don’t necessarily need to outrun the lion. You just need to outrun the person beside you! In this case, the purely pragmatic aim is to make the attack sufficiently expensive that the attacker will be motivated to attack elsewhere. The ultimate endpoint is that this process of progressive improvements will make all such attacks prohibitively expensive to mount.

It is also worth bearing in mind that attackers are opportunistic and will not necessarily attack the best defended parts of the infrastructure:


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