1. spfcheck plugin

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  This plugin supports one configuration variable, BOUNCELEVEL, which should
  be set to an integer value between -1 and 5.
  -1  means never reject a message. Useful for testing
   0  means reject on FAIL: the server says this mail is definitely coming from the wrong place 
   1  means reject on SOFTFAIL: it's wrong, but the server is in transition, so please be nice
   2  means reject on NEUTRAL: It may be ok, it may not be, but we reject. This breaks the spec.
   3  means reject on NONE: We are **demanding** SPF, kids. Probably breaks the spec too.  
   4  means reject on ERROR (TEMPERROR): There is probably a DNS error? This breaks the spec too.
   5  means reject on UNKNOWN (PERMERROR): Oh, go to hell already! 
      This setting breaks the spec too.


    spfchecks: pid 3400 - SPF_RESULT_PASS, No comments
    spfchecks: pid 3401 - Rejecting on SPF_RESULT_SOFTFAIL, Please%see%http://spf.pobox.com/why.html?sender=ralsina%40hotmail.com&ip= : Reason: mechanism

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