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QuickSwap’s GoDaddy Domain Hijack: How it Happened & Our Proposal to Restore the Community May 19, 2022 by QuickSwap Official


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https://quickswap-layer2.medium.com/quickswaps-godaddy-domain-hijack-how-it-happened-our-proposal-to-restore-the-community-35be9ddbb19a /GoDaddy

午前6:33 · 2022年5月15日 https://twitter.com/QuickswapDEX/status/1525590253217660930?s=20&t=dQylqnqCo-Dj09dqGyEYUA

GoDaddyで起きたことを考えると、この辺りが考えられる。-- ToshinoriMaeno 2022-05-15 23:58:32


triptØ @Tr1pto
Do not use Quickswap or Etherscan for a while. There's a DNS hack on some of the dapps

Sandeep - Use Stripe on Polygon 💜 @sandeepnailwal  · 5月14日
🚨Large scale hack on Godaddy🚨Speculation is that 
hacker might have used Godaddy’s account recovery method 
to hack accounts of multiple defi websites. 

I am hearing that even Etherscan might be compromised. 
Please exercise caution in using any defi app for now! twitter.com/quickswapdex/s…
午後4:02 · 2022年5月14日·Twitter Web App

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